Three days to save the world…Only three people to help…Three lessons to learn.

Heaven isn’t the reward Darius McPherson expected it to be.  For one thing, he’s too young to be there. And now the Archangel Aaron and the Board of Director angels are telling him he has to return to earth to save humanity from itself and an army of renegade angels.  He’s not exactly in the mood after losing everyone he loves including the lovely Colleen, the soul-mate he was about to marry on earth, his beloved parents and two older brothers.

No one seems to care that Darius is woefully short of adequate training and skills for the difficult task ahead of him.  The Archangel keeps assuring him he’s the man for the mission while Darius wonders why the more experienced Senior Operative Angels have gone MIA.

As his mission briefing draws to a close, the Archangel calmly announces that Darius has three days to defuse what his superiors refer to as “The Big Emergency,” a budding cataclysm that threatens the orderly evolution of human consciousness

Reluctantly, Darius accepts his assignment.  The fragile bits of self-confidence and slim hopes for success he manages to hang on to are immediately shattered when Darius meets the first member of his mortal task force: Seventeen-year old Javon Quincy, a gang banger on the run from a botched robbery attempt.

"Three Days to Darkness is a fast-paced, vivid read that incorporates all the elements of a superior mystery, thriller, and fantasy. It's certainly not a portrait of a predictable afterlife, a conventional Heaven, or a banal post-life mission. All these facets merge to create a uniquely involving story blending amusing moments with engrossing encounters between disparate forces; each with their own special interests and agendas.

"And Darius? He's in it for the ride, and takes readers along with him in an unexpected journey through Heaven, Hell, and beyond."

Diane Donovan, Senior e-Book Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

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